I am Linzi, your Fairy BoobMother and I am your “one stop shop” for all things underwear. I offer professional advice to help you get the best from your breasts.

Use the menu to explore advice, fitting guides, reviews and more! You can also join me on Facebook , where I run a dedicated , female only group, offering plenty of support for your bra woes. I provide a safe & more accessible service to women who, for whatever reason, can’t/don’t want to have an in-store fitting.

My mission is to help all women feel good about themselves, no matter what size or shape they are- I’ll even share my wibbly wobbly bits with you to try and make you feel more comfortable with yours. Every body deserves to feel amazing, and I believe the right sized bra is a great place to start!

Your boobs will love you for stopping by!


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